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I look at the horizon
and I do not reach to see.
Stars are meaningless in
a mean world where
Numb “sorries” are the most
Precious excuse to be happy
That we are looking for.

So easy to be happy
When you’re blind:
Everything taste like nothing,
And nothing is what you taste
Or what you are.

You can always remember pain.
It strikes you to the bone,
Shaking your mind-
Giving meaning to your life.
While you wish you were dead,
But dead you already are.

I look at the horizon
But I can’t see a thing.
Either I have too much pain
To see,
Or I don’t feel at all;
The sky is empty,
The stars are gone.

But what if the stars
Are gone?
I have always liked the shadow,
And the sun often burns my thoughts.
In the dark there is nothing
To confuse you
-No wrong path-
As they are all a mystery.

You can only know
A person
If you reach to guess
Their expression in
The middle of the night.
You can only know
If in the middle of
Your life someone asks you
“what if…”
And you still don’t know

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