Damn it

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Nunca me he sentido más sola que sentada a tu lado.
Not even when I tried to be alone,
And avoid listening other people’s breathings.
Yours is the slightest I have ever heard-
It is equal to none.
It is not.

Just like you taking care of me
Or anyone with true heart.

Let your sadness
stay in the darkness.
Let it melt-
Alone, as usual-
Warm and salty.
Pieces of yourself
That never will be yours.
Just like me,
Like the world.

I bet you cannot even know
Who you are
Or what-
You do want.

I’m a shadow in a bright day,
Another cloud in storm.
Always part of the setting,
Of the world,
Of the trash.
Another boring pair of eyes
Not to look at.

You forgot me even before
You knew me.
You have no memory,
No mercy.
I keep it all
For you and me.
Even those things you don’t care,
Or love,
Or hate at all.
As cold as the rain
In a wedding day.

Sigue muerta
en tu ataúd de sonrisas.
Y cuando despiertes-
Si sigo viva.
Si tu cascada sombría
No ha sepultado mi vida,
Ni fulminado tus miradas
Mi insistencia propicia-
Llámame amiga.

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